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"From generation to generation of the Black Beauty line, it was the duty of the first foal born each year to pass along his or her history.  And I was the first-born foal of my year.  Beauty told his story (which some of you have possibly heard) to better the lot of horses.  I offer my story for the same reason."

So begins the story of Beauty's Son, a contemporary retelling of Black Beauty, a moving account of the hugely varied life of a handsome black horse named Beauty's Son.

Son experiences good owners and bad, and befriends an array of horses, including the fiery chestnut mare, Respect; the wise former dressage champion, Synchronicity; and the street-savvy Belgian Draft, Tom.  Son's incredible journey is a path of lessons, awe, and danger, as he becomes a dressage horse, a show hunter, a jumper, a lesson horse, a New York City carriage horse, and a rental hack.  Through it all this sensitive, intelligent horse tries to trust his human owners and trainers, and hopes his trust has not been misplaced.


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                      Beauty's Son

Beauty’s Son

by Anne H. Wood and Brian Keesling

interior illustrations by Rose Lowry

ISBN 13: 978-1-937627-60-7

ISBN 10: 1937627608

LOC Control Number: 2013939195

226 pages, paperback, $16.00

6 x 9 x .5, 12 ounces

13 interior illustrations

Publication date: 9/4/2013


Beauty’s Son is also available in digital formats at $9.99.


A special library binding edition of Beauty’s Son (ISBN 13: 978-1-937627-61-4) is available at $26.00.

Published by Chelsea Stables

Created in 2013, Chelsea Stables is an imprint of Chelsea Station Editions.  Our books are distributed by Ingram.

© 2013 Anne H. Wood and Brian Keesling.  All rights reserved.